Mortar mixer 8 cu.ft. electric
Capacity: 8 cu.ft.
Electric motor: 1 1/2 hp / 120 ou 220V
Paddle shaft: 1 1/2"
Drum wrap: 10ga
Drum end plate: 3/16"
Length: 73"
Width: 46"
Height: "
Wheels: 13" rims
Weight: 875 lb
Warning: Not for road use.


  1. Double grease chambers drum seals.
  2. Cover design gives easy access to drive unit and provides good ventilation.
  3. Drum with contoured back for more efficient mixing.
  4. Grid meets safety requirements.
  5. Emergency stop button.
  6. One-piece rugged steel chassis designed to offer a high resistance to torsion.
  7. Retractable tow pole and safety chains.
  8. Designed for forklift handling.
  9. Lifting ring.

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